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About Perlier

Perlier's success is primarily attributed to their on-going commitment to research. Although the Research Center calls upon university laboratories and dermatological centers in Milan and Turin, the most important and basic part of the scientific research is carried out in the company's own Biological Research Center, LA CARIGNANA. Under the strict guidance of Professor Proserpio, of Turin University, and Professor Bonadeo, at the University of Milan, each a Scientific Research Director in Chemical and Cosmetic Technology, approximately 40 scientists, researchers and technicians (botanists, biologists, agronomists, physicians, and chemists and pharmacists), carry out a vertically integrated research activity. Located near Turin, Italy, La Carignana Estate houses Perlier Natural Recipes Corporate offices, Biological Research Laboratories and Agricultural Experimental Center. Here, on over 150 acres of land, free of pesticides and insecticides, Perlier cultivates under strict control, the plants, flowers and honey from which the ingredients are taken for their preparations. This provides fresh plants for scientific research and the industrial production.

The plants are harvested and the active ingredients are selected. Fresh ingredients are immediately extracted (steam distillation, extraction with solvents, infusion), while dried ones, dehydrated with advanced technologies, are employed for pharmaceutical purposes (herbs, teas, pills). The extracts obtained from fresh plants are used in the hygienic-cosmetic formulations. This exact and serious approach is designed to educate and inform our customers, meeting the demands of product satisfaction and verifiable results. It is the strategy that has met the desires of the European consumer and made Perlier a leading name in Italian cosmetics.

Perlier distinguished heritage as Italy's premier manufacturer of Bath and Body treatments has come from over 80 years of specialization in therapeutic products derived from natural ingredients. The dedicated team of chemists, pharmacists, scientists and agricultural specialists that work in and around La Carignana are committed to developing the best conceivable care of skin, and the most powerful natural products that science can deliver - all with NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Perlier provides products that are:

  • Scientifically formulated
  • Studied and tested with Modern Scientific principles with over 80 years of research background
  • Efficient and functional in their results producing a real scientific action that can be measured

Perlier: History and Philosophy

For over 80 years, Perlier has specialized in the manufacturing of products derived from the active ingredients of medical plants. In 1972, Perlier expanded operations to include the development of cosmetics. Using the latest pharmaceutical research and technology. Perlier provides high quality, functional and efficient products that address the specific body and skin-care needs to today's women.

The concept of cosmetic preparations for daily hygiene, providing nourishment, protection and answers to specific problems of the aging process, is the basis of Perlier's philosophy. The image of naturalness, purity, effectiveness AND the unique cosmetic formulations have made Perlier the number one cosmetic company in Italy.

The distinct approach to products and marketing sets Perlier apart from other cosmetic lines. Whereas other companies promote thru magic, fashion, luxury and hope of everlasting beauty. Perlier has a direct, sensible, straightforward approach to serious skin care. Promising no miracles, only efficient results.

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