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Natural Recipes


Natural, Pure, and Effective are the main objectives at Perlier where the ancient of botanic are joined with modern scientific technology. It is in the union that we can offer our customer products that are both appetizing and effective in formulation and presentation.

Perlier's Natural Recipes are a cosmetic treatment collection specifically formulated to NOURISH, MOISTURIZE, and PROTECT the skin in the most natural way possible. Carefully selecting our natural ingredients, these products are suitable for all skin types, allowing the skin to recover and maintain a natural balance, restoring a smooth texture, suppleness and elasticity.

Perfect for customers who desire SIMPLE and COMPACT lines to EFFECTIVELY and NATURALLY benefit her face, hair and body.


Honey provides deep down nutrition for the skin. Honey when used in medicine helps the regeneration of damaged skin tissue. When used in cosmetic preparations, these high energy properties of sugar, proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins nourish and moisturize the skin naturally, improving tone and elasticity. Our Honey is 100% Certified Italian Organic Origin. Pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic-free it is derived exclusively from the Acacia blossom, grown in the heart of the Tuscany countryside and picked only in mid-spring.


Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, with their unmistakable scent, the marvelous fruits of Sicily capture all the sun of the Mediterranean. Precious allies for the beauty of the skin, incredibly rich in vitamins and anti-oxidizing polyphenols, sugars, mineral salts and alpha-hydroxy acids. The sweet acids in fruits stimulate cell renewal, favoring delicate and natural epidermal exfoliation. These true beauty treatments help skin fill up on vitamins and mineral salts, leaving healthy and radiant.

Caribbean Vanilla

The sensuous scent of the islands, the exotic atmosphere of seafaring adventures and mysterious treasures. It was 1793 when Don Francisco de Arango y Pareno started the first sugar cane plantation in the Caribbean Islands and alcohol for strong and authentic Caribbean rum began to be made from fermented cane sugar. The combination of vanilla and rum has become the legendary fragrance of Caribbean Vanilla.

Imperial Honey

Black Bee Honey, an Italian Slow Food Presidium, is one of the most valuable and rarest honeys. It is 10 times richer in antioxidants making it is a true youth recipe. The Black Bee is almost extinct and can only be found in a few places in the world. We collect our Black Bee Honey from a small Apiary in Sicily. Royal Jelly is the queen bee’s secret of eternal youth. Thanks to this extraordinary food, she lives 40 times longer than other bees. With its concentration of vitamins, amino acids, and micronutrients, it’s a true natural restorative for beautiful skin. We combine the honey of the black bees with royal jelly to create the Imperial Honey complex.


Lavender soothes and nourishes the spirit; enhances the intuitive process; gently clarifies the mind; and helps to combat the blues. Lavender cools sunburn and soothes dry skin, while helping to quiet over-active sebaceous glands that produce oily skin. Perlier's Lavender is a unique balance of sweet-flowery and fresh herbaceous aromas which leaves skin deliciously perfumed.

Olivarium/Olive Oil

Olivarium is Perlier’s proprietary line, combining 100% Italian Organic Olive Oil with the Tomato Extract, Lycopene. This active complex delivers a deep nourishing effect that provides stronger antioxidant protection to the skin. Our Italian olive oil comes purely from organic farming, obtained from century-old olive trees without the use of chemical treatments. It is extracted by cold-pressing hand collected olives. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. both help protect and prolong the skin’s youthfulness. The greatest source of lycopene in nature is in tomato. Perlier has extracted the purest and most efficient tomato lycopene matured under the Mediterranean sun. It is helpful to block free radicals and protects against aging of cells.

Shea Butter

The Perlier laboratories have perfected a proprietary and innovative purification process that allows 100% certified organic Shea Butter, with intense and long-lasting moisturizing properties, to be separated out of the nut and re-condensed to obtain properties that are more effective than in hydrating the skin. Shea Butter contains tocopherols and polyphenols with special anti-oxidizing properties, ceramides, and keratin elements that are especially effective in helping to support the skin’s natural barrier, reducing trans epidermal water loss and provide protection to the skin against environmental aggressors.

White Almond

Ideal for dry or delicate skin types, White Almond offers moisturizing protection while its natural softening agents leave the skin smooth, fresh and supple, furthermore it contains large amounts of magnesium that plays a part in the formation and maintenance of skin protein. A delightful bonus is the delicate scent of sweet almonds in each product. Perlier’s White Almond line is made from the purest oil from cold pressed Italian Almonds. Exceptionally rich in Vitamin E, protein and essential fatty acids, these help protect, nourish and infuse new elasticity into dry skin.